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Adiós Nonino

EC Expressions w/ Duo Ramirez Satorre

It’s summer in Buenos Aires. We arrive at an antique light shop for dinner with a group of other international music delegates in town for BAMM. Aperol cocktails are followed by a tango performance: classical guitar and a cube-shaped accordion called a “bandoneon”. All of the attendees relished in awe. This is the most emotive performance in the strangest of locals – absolutely stunning. The duo is incredibly approachable – banter between songs, educating this international crowd on the nuances of tango. The bandoneon player drops into conversation that they were nominated for a Grammy for the song they are about to play. He then mentions that he really can only play one more because he’s actually late for a gig and an entire orchestra and, well, audience is waiting for him at another venue, “but oh, you really need to hear this one, so I’ll just play one more.”

The next day, we were lucky enough to be invited to film this duo in a stunning Argentine residence. While incredibly humble, this duo shared with us their musical journeys. Discipline and determination oozed out of every word. They have mastered the music in such a way that allows them to fully BE in the music when they are playing. In fact, talking about it feels rather futile, so without further ado, we’ll let Adrian Ramirez and Hugo Satorre take it from here.

Duo Ramirez Satorre