Julie Neff

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Pick Up My Pieces

Hi Everyone,

Julie here, talking about Julie. No one else volunteered to write this. Taking that as a bad sign. Anyhoo, let’s get on with it, shall we?

This music has been a long time coming for me. I initially pitched the idea of starting Eclectic Comfort to Emily because I just needed to play guitar more. I was working a lot and not making enough time for music. Now, just over one year, twelve EC concerts, 5 countries, one music documentary and 15 artist features later we’ve been up to our ears in music. And somehow amidst that, I’ve managed to make an EP that’s going to be released in September. It’s music I’m super excited about and the process has been amazing. Our EC extended fam has been a big part of its creation. From hosting a listening party in The Living Room, working with Bradley at Home Studios to produce the tracks, to having Ben Doerksen play lead and rhythm guitar to recording team background vocals with Eric Mercer, Charlotte Lytle and Ben D, it’s been an absolute slice. I’m happy to present the first single from my EP “Pick up My Pieces” performed here with the Brazilian rock band Trampa in no other place but The Living Room.



Julie Neff