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EC Expressions w/ Augusta

Indie Week has arrived and with it some new friends we met at CoMA Fest this year in Brazil – banda Augusta. They were the proud winners of the Road to Indie Week event that we attended in Brasília and … Read More


EC Expressions w/ Far From Alaska

It was August and we were in Brasília. No – that is not a fancy way of saying Brazil – Brasília is a weird and wonderful place that was constructed out of thin air in the 50s to be Brazil’s … Read More

Slippery Slope

EC Expressions w/ Tiz McNamara

We found Tiz at Canadian Music Week this year just before we were taking off to his homeland – Ireland. We were immediately blown away by the soul in his voice and the strength of his songwriting. Having just moved … Read More

Flip For It

EC Expressions w/ Modern Space

Sometimes we really don’t know what to expect when we invite a band into the living room. In this case, we had seen Modern Space perform their rock show live. We knew the music was tight, but we also knew … Read More

Stone House

Night Repair

It’s a drizzly but warm morning in Copenhagen when we head over the the creative district known as “Nørrebro“. Having just arrived the morning before, jet lag had us up for hours in the middle of the night. Time we … Read More

Seu João

EC Expressions w/ Trampa

It’s not every day we get a hard rock band into the Living Room, but damn – this one was fun. Brazilian band Trampa stopped by during their Canadian tour this spring for one of our acoustic concerts and to … Read More


EC Expressions w/ Rose Brokenshire

She’s a forest firefighter and sometimes that is all we want to say, but there is so much more. Rose Brokenshire is a powerhouse of songwriting talent, vocal prowess and guitar skills. Rose came to us through our lovely community … Read More

Pick Up My Pieces

Hi Everyone, Julie here, talking about Julie. No one else volunteered to write this. Taking that as a bad sign. Anyhoo, let’s get on with it, shall we? This music has been a long time coming for me. I initially … Read More

Visions of Madness

EC Expressions w/ SANT

Getting a major record deal at a young age is where it’s at right? In the case of Johannes Nordell (aka SANT), this wasn’t the answer to all of his musical dreams. He went on to make three full length … Read More

Unripe Fruit

EC Expressions w/ Sara Garcia

Sara Garcia walked into The Living Room on our shoot day a little shaky because up until that point she had only acted on camera – never sang. More than that, she’s never performed her own music live. Recovering from … Read More

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