The Team

Julie Neff

Executive Producer

As the Executive Producer of Eclectic Comfort, Julie heads up our team and collective community of Toronto-based audio visual professionals. With a background in short form video production and advertising, Julie has a passion for building teams and providing opportunities for creatives to do their best work. Julie is also a musician in her own right who inspires other artists to create and perform through the Eclectic Comfort platform. Photo by Eric Neff (@neff_photo)


Emily O'Quinn

Creative Director

Emily O’Quinn is the Creative Director of Eclectic Comfort - from setting the stage for our live events and directing our EC Expression videos, she has a hands on approach of all things content and aesthetic. Emily comes from a background in Film & Television, and co-created Eclectic Comfort with the intentions of having a creative platform that herself and her community could collaborate within. Her passion for music, knowledge of film and creative vision have found a way to merge together, and bring to you content for both Eclectic Comfort’s digital and in person platform. Photo by Eric Neff (@neff_photo)


Andrew Farlow

Post Production Supervisor

Andrew Farlow is the Post Production Supervisor of Eclectic Comfort - from audio engineering during our live events to editing all video content for our EC expressions page, he has a very creative and technical approach to all of outgoing content. "Farlow" comes from a background in 3D/VFX and Audio Engineering. He has been featured in the credits of films such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but always manages to stay humble. His creativity/technical skills and love for video come together to form our Post Production Guru, who always keeps Eclectic Comforts Audio/Video Content at their peak. Photo by Eric Neff (@neff_photo)"


Adam Silcox-Vanwyk

Lead Designer

Adam Silcox-Vanwyk is the Lead Designer of Eclectic Comfort - from building the look of this webpage your on, to helping develop the sound of our content, he takes a conceptual approach to any and all tasks that come across the table. Adam has a background in Sound Design for TV & Film while being a fully self-taught visual designer. He is an integral part of the digital aesthetic and aims to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and fully captivate on a visual and auditory level. Photo by Eric Neff (@neff_photo)


Justin Yaroski

Resident Cinematographer

Justin Yaroski is a cinematographer based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has worked in film and television for 10 years, and has shot a total of 3 documentaries in Africa, Asia and Europe in 2017. Passionate about helping musicians bring their music to the world, he is now the resident cinematographer at Eclectic Comfort.